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The Bright Side

Fiction 1h 38m 2020

Kate McLaughlin, comédienne dublinoise, est lasse du monde qui l’entoure et a des idées noires. Ses prières morbides sont finalement exaucées : on lui diagnostique un cancer. Elle accepte tout de même de suivre une chimiothérapie pour apaiser sa famille. Cynique, adepte des blagues noires, Kate se met à dos quatre femmes qui subissent aussi le traitement. Ces quatre femmes irlandaises, de tout horizon, vont percer une brèche dans son cœur.

World weary, Dublin, stand up comedienne, Kate McLaughlin is in a dark place - she wants out. Her morbid prayers are answered in the form of a cancer diagnosis. To placate her family, she begrudgingly agrees to undergo chemotherapy. Armed with staggering levels of cynicism and a plethora of blackly comic jokes, Kate gets off to a bad start with four other women she encounters in the chemo ward; four women from all walks of Irish life, whose unsolicited friendships are perfectly designed to blow open her shut down heart.


Ruth Meehan

Director of Photography

JJ Rolff

Film Editor

Colin Campbell








Playground Pictures Ltd